An Important Part of Preventative Pet Care Just like people, pets benefit from vaccination. There are a number of highly contagious and deadly diseases that pets can contract, and a simple vaccination prepares their bodies to defend against any future disease-causing agents, either lessening the severity of the disease and sometimes preventing infection altogether.Do I Need To Vaccinate My Dog or Cat?
Because of widespread vaccination of pets, experts agree that millions of animals’ deaths have been prevented. Though some formerly common diseases are now uncommon, we still recommend vaccination because these disease agents are still present in the environment.


Is Vaccination A Guarantee Against Disease?
In nearly all cases, vaccination will effectively prevent future disease. Once in a while, a vaccinated pet will not develop adequate immunity, making it possible for the pet to become ill. However, this rare exception is not sufficient reason to opt out of an overwhelmingly beneficial preventative health care service.

Are There Any Risks To Vaccination?
Like any medical procedure, vaccination carries with it some risk. Some pets experience a mild fever, sluggishness and reduced appetite. There may also be temporary pain or swelling at the vaccination site. Most adverse responses clear up on their own in a day or two; if you notice a prolonged or severe response to a vaccination, please consult us right away. In very rare instances, death can occur. What’s important to remember is that while vaccination is not without risk, a failure to vaccinate leaves your pet vulnerable to fatal illnesses that are preventable.

Which Vaccines Should My Pet Receive and When?
Not all vaccinations are necessary for all pets, so be sure to discuss your pet’s lifestyle, access to other animals, travel, etc. with us so that he can recommend the correct vaccinations. Common vaccines we administer are for canine distemper, canine parvovirus (CPV), feline distemper and rabies.Your pet’s vaccination schedule will be tailored to his or her needs by our vet. To arrange an appointment to discuss your pet’s vaccination needs, please call us for an appointment.